Do you have to constantly return to your office to evaluate your figures or perform accounting tasks? Not ready to make the move to a complete virtual setting, but tired of waiting on your Bookkeeper or Accountant to visit your office to work on accounting issues? Worse yet, have you transferred your accounting file to your bookkeeper or accountant and you aren’t able to add your data while they are working on it? Or are you needing some technical assistance in resolving a QuickBooks issue?

When it comes to Accounting Technology Solutions that work, virtual accounting services available through a cloud computing environment, provide you, your Bookkeeper and CPA with the flexibility to securely access your business software and data anytime, anyplace. Here are our top 5 reasons to embrace virtual accounting for your business:

1. Eliminate having to duplicate accounting files for your bookkeeper

Stop the confusion on which file is your current file, which is the “Accountant’s Copy” and corrupting the file creating more work for your staff and bookkeeper. Working with virtual accounting alleviates these problems by the bookkeeper, CPA and business owner all working in the same files at the same time! Multi-user mode has never been easier.

2. Remote Access Regardless of Device

Virtual accounting provides access to your sensitive data files and applications from any device with internet access. If you are on the road and need to login, no problem. If you have an employee that needs to work remote – no problem.

3. Have confidence knowing your data is secure in U.S. based data centers

Not all virtual accounting solutions are onshore, but if you do your due diligence in the process of selecting vendors you can be assured that your data is secure, it is backed up at least nightly and stored offsite, and it is never sent offshore. Confidence in security is the number one concern for most business owners in moving to the Cloud. Learn more about security options.

4. Make timely decisions for your practice with real time financials

Remotely access your desktop to help resolve your QuickBooks issues, securely, and easily run your business. Waiting for advice for your accountant once a quarter could be disastrous. It may be too late to divert a potential problem. It is critical that both the business owner and accountant work with real time numbers to keep moving business forward, and that is what virtual accounting enables.

5. Work collaboratively and efficiently

With virtual accounting services, including IT hosting and remote access, you no longer have to waste valuable time. Collaboration is made simple, and the Cloud increases productivity to make your staff more efficient.

With today’s always changing technology solutions, some of the decisions we must make as a small business owners is which software to use or which application to install. Do we use the cloud? What is the Cloud? What is a SaaS product? Which of these is the best business solution when implemented? Which ones are just another way to spend money on an investment you’re not sure you will utilize to its fullest potential? All of these questions can be answered and it is critical that you have a trusted advisor in the process to guide your staff.

At Holdsworth & Co., CPA’s, virtual accounting solutions provide our staff and clients with the flexibility to access your business software and data anytime, anywhere in a secure and controlled environment allowing both accountant and business owner real-time financials. Learn more about our small business accounting services or request a free consultation.