Controller Services

HCF’s Controller Services

Our cash management service helps you to:

  • Determine when, how, and where your cash needs might occur.
  • Determine the right sources for meeting any additional requirements for cash.
  • Prepare to meet your needs as they arise by establishing good business relationships with creditors, including bankers.


Our goal is to help you avoid a cash crisis and effectively meet your business needs in Prescott. With this in mind, we develop a unique cash flow projection based on your needs and can assist with developing short-term (weekly or monthly) forecasts to manage your daily cash and long-term (annual or 3-5 year) projections to control your capital strategy.

We can also help you prepare your historical cash flow statements, ensuring that you understand where your money went and why.

We offer a variety of cash management services and creating accurate projections for cash flow is just one of them. Among other things, we can also:

  • Help you obtain appropriate lines of credit
  • Teach you about techniques for accelerated cash collection
  • Offer proven collection policies that are highly effective
  • Offer payment policies that are shown to be effective
  • Help you obtain the best rate of return on any idle cash

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