Tax Services

One method of improving your business’s cash flow is to reduce your tax liabilities. Holdsworth Chadd Fuller CPAs strive to go beyond the tax compliance issues and proactively offer tax saving options to maximize your company’s after-tax income.

Our Personal Tax Preparation Services Include:

  1. An organizer to assist you in data collection
  2. A consultation with friendly, knowledgeable tax professionals
  3. A check and recheck by our quality control professionals for accuracy
  4. Electronic filing so that you receive your refund back quickly
  5. Recommendations regarding payroll withholding adjustments
  6. Potential deduction recommendations to limit future tax liability

Our Tax Saving Strategy Tips Are:

  1. Is it a smart move to buy that new business asset, or should I wait until next year?
  2. Are there incentives for hiring new employees?
  3. Prior to starting a new business, what tax-saving strategies do I need to be aware of?
  4. How do I best handle growth and preservation of assets?
  5. Should I defer income until a later time when I have a lower tax rate?
  6. What’s the best way to reduce my taxes on income, estate, gifts, investments, and retirement distributions?
  7. How can my vacation travel expenses be converted to business tax deductions?

Here are just some of the Tax Saving Strategies that we offer:

  • Split your income among multiple legal entities or family members to get more of your income taxed in a lower bracket.
  • Shift some expenses or income to another year to ensure that they fall where they can be taxed at lower rates.
  • Defer any tax liabilities through a variety of investment choices, including contributions, pension plans, and other plans.
  • Use some investments to produce more tax-exempt income (federal, state, or both entities).
  • Find tax deductions by making your money pay for the things you desire, including vacation homes.

Remember that we’re here for you and not the IRS. Many clients saved money with our careful planning for tax liability, as well as our legitimate tax approaches.

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