Holdsworth & Co., CPA’s will be providing Veterinary Practices with a five month series to review common Veterinary HR challenges and provide insight and solutions to overcoming these obstacles. We will follow the path from recruitment and personnel files to employee engagement and employee development, we will wrap up the Veterinary HR series focusing on communication.

The Human Resources position is often misunderstood as being the employee’s “keeper” on behalf of the employer. It is time to change our mindset when it comes to how we develop the greatest asset our industry has to offer.

When any part of your job description encompasses HR duties, you have been selected as a people person. What a complement! People people make the world go round. We have the distinct responsibility to recruit, onboard, engage, develop and retain the practices’ true key to success. If we are frequently finding ourselves in the middle of a Veterinary HR nightmare, it’s time to look in the mirror and reflect upon the error of our ways.

The Heat Seeking Missile – Recruitment

You’re staffed appropriately for the first time in what seems an eternity, just two months ago your team was pushed to the brink. However, it is a brief escape from reality. Panic sets in. One of your key team members hands you her two weeks notice. Your heart sinks, she was in line for the practice’s lead technician position. Your mind darts to the lingering thought that the lead technician is retiring in 9 months. You try to control your breathing and paste a smile on your face. It isn’t convincing. You hear how excited she is, she is moving back to her home state, her sister is needing her support and family is priority. You nod. She wants to find a new practice with your assistance. You again nod. Of course you will reach out to your network, she is incredible, and you’d do anything to make sure she works for the best; but you know your practice is the best. You wish her well, your mind paralyzed.

We have all lived through a version of this scenario. Not always as neat and tidy, sometimes it can be messy and more emotional. This is our opportunity to shine. Recruitment is critical to restoring our team to a sense of whole, when a team member moves on. Next week we will address how to leverage the team and create, or build, on positive team culture.

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