When it comes to Veterinary HR and the recruitment process, preparation is half the battle. The candidates are interviewing your Veterinary practice just as much as you are them. A thorough and well thought out job posting is crucial to help you and them qualify if employment would be a good fit. So how do you ensure you are attracting the best candidates to your veterinary practice?

Use your job posting as an honest and engaging representation of your veterinary practice, team and culture.  All too often the job posting is a deranged version of your job description.  The issue?  It is cold and lacks personality.  You’re selling your practice not entering into a legal contract.  Add personality and passion, make sure the candidates understand the mission and standards of your veterinary practice.  You only have a few seconds to catch their attention, and keep it, to generate a viable candidate.  Each candidate is an opportunity for you to locate your ideal team member.  Remember, most candidates will not be your ideal new team member, which is ok.  If you hire every person who applies your team will not be willing to participate in the process; they will know their opinions do not matter.

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Worst case scenario? They will tell you to hire the candidate because they either don’t believe in the process, or they want to feel like you listen to them; not because they honestly believe the candidate will be a match.

The prepared veterinary practice job posting represents a serious investment on the part of the Veterinary HR department.  Ensure its success by posting it where your ideal candidates will have access to it.  Reference your team member’s feedback, and familiarize yourself with where you successfully recruited your current team members.  Appropriate platforms vary from each veterinary practice position and by region.  For example, in your area you may have several Veterinary Technician programs with a job board, or you may find the local newspaper produces excellent client service candidates.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer, use your experience to monitor and track your results.  Create a line on your application to find out where the candidate heard about your veterinary practice and job opening.  You can collect even more data by evaluating how many applicants are generated and how many are candidates who move on to the interview process.

Next week we will navigate in Veterinary HR from the interview process to the job offer.

Preparing for Successful Recruitment:

  1. Job posting: Create an engaging and honest representation of your practice culture and team
  2. Platform: Ensure your job posting is seen by the right candidate pool.  Your goal is to attract the right candidate with the KSA’s (knowledge, skills and abilities) required to successfully fill and perform in the open position.
  3. Applicant screening:  prepare an outline for what your ideal candidate’s resume will look like.
  4. Have an accurate and up to date job description (this will be used during the interview process)
  5. Ensure your message is consistent between your job posting and job description.  You don’t want to “bait and switch” your candidates; ideal candidates will walk away.

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