Mission Impossible – Employee Engagement

Plan your way to a highly engaged team!

Contrary to popular belief, employee engagement is not Mission Impossible for Veterinary Practice Management. It’s as simple as the Platinum Rule.  The Platinum rule you ask?  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Wow! What a concept.  How do we do that?

Consider what you need to know.  For example, if your practice is looking to restructure your benefits package, it would be wise to comprise a list of options your that your veterinary practice is willing to offer.  Have your team members rank the benefits in order of importance.  Don’t ask questions you are not prepared to act upon. Asking irrelevant questions or ones that you have no intention of pursuing will only damage your team morale and ultimately paralyze improved engagement.

How to ask?

Chances are, there are several personality types represented in your veterinary practice, each with communication preferences.  It’s important to communicate to all preferences.   We suggest providing a few options to allow team members the opportunity to clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas.  This is often done with an Engagement Survey.  We recommend an electronic survey which will allow for computer or written responses.  On rare occasions a verbal/interactive survey may be appropriate.  Generally anonymous surveys yield the most candid results.  Also, offering a comments section or an area to elaborate will provide those with more to say the opportunity to do so.  Survey Monkey provides an excellent survey tool and a great opportunity to offer each of the delivery options above https://www.surveymonkey.com/

Time and Support

To ensure survey results are as accurate as possible, provide the time and support your team needs to seriously complete the survey.  Set a participation goal and a deadline.  An incentive, even small, can generate enough team interest to meet or exceed your expectations while generating realistic results.

Share/Action Plan

You must set a response deadline.   When sharing results you may choose a few key areas.  Key areas may be those with low or high scores, or those with the most written responses.    Now is the opportunity for your team to participate in the action planning process.  Provide a collaborative atmosphere, set communication ground rules so ideas are not limited.  Most importantly, you must act.  This does not mean you act upon everything.  Every question may not yield actionable items, but you must act upon something.  No action would be worse than not asking at all.


Your team has participated.  You have delivered the results.  The action plan has been determined.  How do you know if you are successful?  Measure.  Employee engagement is not “one and done.”  Engagement is a constant that evolves because it involves your real life team members.  Typically an Engagement survey occurs annually.  An action plan does not have overnight results just as the rest of the process does not happen instantly.  At times you may find shorter periods are acceptable, but overall a year should provide a realistic timeline.

Sample Cycle

Engagement Process

*TIP: Prior to developing and engagement plan, be certain there is a clear procedure.

Prepare an outline of key areas with a corresponding timeline.  Appoint a committed member of your leadership team to keep your plan on track.   Review carefully to ensure the entire leadership team (decision makers are key) are dedicated to the entire process.

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